Dinner at The Strudl Haus

Dinner at The Strudl Haus

Imagine taking a trip to Vienna or Salzburg and enjoying the tastes of fine European Cuisine! Don’t have the time? We have a solution! Come to the Strudl Haus for dinner and revel in the fare of Austria from Chef Michael Leo.

Chef Michael has brought with him the recipes of his Oma or Grandmother and each day he and the staff at The Strudl Haus create amazing dishes that rival anything you can get on the continent. And The Strudl Haus looks the part. The small and cozy dining area was created by Chef Michael to help you feel like you are in Europe.

One more thing…the wine!  The Strudl Haus has some of the very best wines in Central Iowa. Wines that you can not get anywhere else in the Metro.

Tonight make reservations and take a trip to Austria, or the next best thing. Call us at 515-259-9886 and be prepared to be impressed. Click here to view our Dinner Menu!

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