Fondue Fun Do

Winter is here and the fondues are spraying their irresistible mixed odors in the air.   Fondues are a traditional meal in Tirol Austria,  a slow paced, conversational filled dining experience.  

Strudl Haus offers fondue any time but you can also join us for Fondue Night.  The first Fondue Night is January 12th.  The meal is Appetizer, Salad, Fondue Chinoise or Cheese Fondue and Dessert for $38 per person.  Call 515-259-9886 for reservations.

Fondue is a fun, relaxing communal time that everyone should experience. You have heard of cheese and chocolate fondue, but how about fondue chinoise?

When Europeans say “fondue chinoise”, they mean broth fondue.

There are countless variations of broth recipes for fondue chinoise and may call for thyme, bay leaves, or red wine. Fondue chinoise dipping sauces are often based on mayonnaise, sour cream, or soft cheeses. 

Diners take raw ingredients, cook them in hot broth, dip them in different sauces, and eat them.  Each guest will have his or her own fondue fork and maintain sovereignty over his or her pieces of food.

Once the broth starts boiling in the pot placed in the middle of the table, everyone gets marked forks so that you can tell your meat apart from the other sticks in the pot…

Then, you dip the cooked meat in mustard sauce, curry sauce, cocktail sauce, a horse radish dip or anything else you like.

When you are done with cooking and eating your meats, you can then have a cup of the broth that you just flavored.  Delicious!

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